the making of CIFA Campaign — ton verkuijlen

Being a photographer on a small Island usually means working with small budgets with limited resources. But, sometimes a client is convinced by the the art director and agency that in order to create images on a higher level they have to reach a little deeper in their pockets. So, we were in the luxury position to have  a budget that allows us to spend a lot of time to prepare and find the best props, locations, models and work together with a stylist, art director, marketing and branding specialist, mua and got a day worth of time to shoot the winner shot.  The concept as approved was a big challenge to produce. Together with Pauline from X&Y support we drove many kilometers for scouting locations and begging for the right props. Little challenge in the concept: The images should not show  like it was shot on a caribbean island...while producing on one called Curacao. Spending the budget on locations props and time, there was not any left for professional models.   Because we were looking more for type casting we managed to find really good characters per concept and we were very thankful for their cooperation.

All work and effort of the enthusiast team came together in the produced images. Great job.